Biomass boiler, CHP plant Hodonín, Czechia

Biomass boiler, CHP plant Hodonín, Czechia
Owner's Engineer Design and Studies Installation and Supply Diagnostics

We analyzed possible approaches to various legal, technical or economical changes affecting the existing CHP production and the district heating system.

BFS Industry activities:

  • Identifying and analyzing possible changes to existing legal, technical and economical conditions
  • Elaboration of conceptual design
  • Elaboration of feasibility study

Execution date: 10/2015 - 12/2015

Technical specifications of the CHP plant:

  • Summer biomass boiler 14 MW
  • Winter biomass boiler 65 MW
  • Steam pressure: 9,7 MPa(g)
  • Steam temperature: 510 °C
  • Back-pressure steam turbine power: 10 MWe