Heat storage system, Mělník CHP plant, Czechia

Heat storage system, Mělník CHP plant, Czechia
Owner's Engineer Design and Studies Installation and Supply Diagnostics

We developed the conceptual design and feasibility study on integrating heat storage system into the Mělník CHP plant. The CHP plant supplies heat into the district heating system of Prague.

BFS Industry activities:

  • Optimization of storage capacity and charging/discharging power
  • Development of conceptual design
  • Elaboration of feasibility study
  • Calculation of expected revenues, CAPEX and OPEX

Execution date: 02/2017 - 04/2017

Technical specifications of the storage system:

  • Water volume: 22,888 m3
  • Charging/discharging power: 130 MWt
  • Capacity: 1660 MWh
  • Pressurized type
  • Temperature difference 120/60 °C
  • CHP plant total electric power output: 215 MWe
  • CHP plant total heat output: 650 MWt