Steam electric boiler, Czechia

Steam electric boiler, Czechia
Owner's Engineer Design and Studies Installation and Supply Diagnostics

We developed project design documentation for realization in all relevant professes (technology, civil, HVAC, electric HV, LV and I&C).

BFS Industry Activities:

  • Designing project documentation for realization 
  • Preparation of itemized budget of project realization 
  • Preparation of time schedule for the project realization 
  • Drafting of test plan for the steam boiler

“Brownfield” project

Location: Czechia

Execution date: 05/2019 - ongoing

Technical specification of the boiler:

  • Voltage: 10,5 kV 
  • Electric Power: 30 MW 
  • Steam Power: 46 t/h - saturated steam, 1,7 MPa(g), feed water 105°C