Biomass boiler modifications, ORC CHP Plant, ┼Żatec, Czechia

Biomass boiler modifications, ORC CHP Plant, ┼Żatec, Czechia
Owner's Engineer Design and Studies Installation and Supply Diagnostics

We assessed the operation of the existing biomass boiler and identified various issues. Some could be solved by minor adjustments of the existing technology. Other required technological modifications. The most significant modification was the installation of an additional primary air fan.

BFS Industry activities:

  • Assessment of existing biomass boiler operation
  • Identification of possible solutions for fixing instability in boiler operation
  • Preparation of technical specifications for suggested technology modifications

Execution date: 05/2017 - 07/2017

Technical specifications of the ORC plant:

  • Fuel: wood chips
  • Electric power output: 2.1 MWe
  • Heat output: 10 MWt