As part of our service package Owner's Engineer, we represent the client in the technical and commercial aspects of the project. We coordinate the activities of suppliers throughout all phases of the project.


The Owner's Engineer services include, among other:

  • Preparation of the feasibility study
  • Preparation of tender and contract documents from the technical perspective
  • Assessment of project documentation in all stages
  • Drawing up of the project schedule and its optimization
  • Check of conformity of the supplied equipment and materials with the specifications in the contract documents
  • Supervision and mapping of the production process and construction of the individual elements and buildings
  • Supervision and assistance in the commissioning stage
  • Supervision and assistance in the process of testing the guaranteed parameters
  • External examination of the tender documents and documents for the operation and maintenance of facilities
  • Assistance in setting up the operation of new technology and its integration into customer's operational documentation
  • Representing the client in negotiations with affected authorities and third parties
  • Technical due-diligence

Within the scope of extended services package Owner's Engineer:

  • We shall provide the design, procurement and commissioning of individual technologies and their integration into a functional unit.
  • We will ensure minimal investment costs by dividing the project into individual technological units.
  • The package of extended services Owner's Engineer replaces the general contractor so that all contracts and guarantees of individual technological units are concluded directly between the investor and the contractor.